About Me

I’m Zoe an 11 year old autistic girl with other neurodivergencies.

I want to share my experiences with other neurodivergent people and help them understand who they are and feel positive about their identities. I do like going on video as well though!

I started out as an average kid, or so I thought, I was always seen as a tiny bit weird for someone they thought of as ‘normal’… but when I was 6 that all changed. I was diagnosed with autism and other neurodivergencies. I started taking medication which helped me learn better without impulses for a while.

None of my peers knew about my autism until Autism acceptance month in 2019. I finally told my friends about my autism as I had been involved in a video with Carrie Grant. I was surprised at how some had autistic relations and they looked after me.

I am the founder of ZAP Advocacy. ZAP stands for Zoe’s Autism Project, which I’ve started during the Covid19 lockdown. For Autism acceptance week 2020 I created and filmed a series of videos with Kieran Rose, The Autistic Advocate covering topics from myths to stereotypes to sensory issues and I really enjoyed sharing these.

My Mum and Dad are helping me move further through the project and I really appreciate what they’re doing to support me.

A Word From My Mum…

I’m Nic King, chair of a local youth charity for neurodiverse children Happy Faces Prudhoe. More importantly I am Zoe’s Mum and supporting her in ZAP Advocacy project.

As a family we are all diagnosed with different forms of neurodiversity. We are passionate about making the lives of Autistic people better by creating safe and comfortable spaces for them to get the best out of their lives and themselves.