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I did a tele-interview with Liz Twist, our local MP. Liz has shared the video on her Facebook page Here.

The Huffington Post wrote a lovely article about the experience:

The kids, said that generally they were feeling “good” and had been catching up with friends on Zoom and FaceTime, asked how MPs were getting their own meetings done (via Zoom, Twist said).

Zoe, who said she’s been spending lockdown creating her videos advocating for autism awareness – asked Twist about the rules around only going shopping for “essential items”.

“When people say only buy ‘essentials’, have they considered people consider different things ‘essential’?” she asked. “It’s difficult really isn’t it,” Twist replied, “because what’s essential to some might not be essential to others. It’s your judgment call really and I guess we have to bear in mind that people have different needs. I need to buy cat food for example, and you might not!”

Victoria Richards, Huffington Post
Chatting with our local MP, Liz Twist.

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